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World's most comfortable underwear

OBVIOUSLY is a new underwear brand from Australia and Spandex 4 Men is the first website in Western Europe that has this brand in the collection.
My own experience learns that Obviously stands for:
- a newly developed Push Up function that lifts your manhood carefully and comfortably and gives it a larger look
- a very comfortable waist band
- a washing instruction label that disappears after the first washing
- a very pleasant and thin fabric made of 90% Modal and 10% Lycra
- a minimum amount of seams
- environmental friendly production
- supporting fight against prostate cancer

But above all it's just supercomfy underwear of which you hardly feel that you're wearing it!

Size S = waist 29-31"
Size M = waist 33-35"
Size L = waist 37-39"

Obviously Boxer, E19.95
In stock:
Size S: white, light blue
Size M: --
Size L: --
Size XL: white, light blue

Obviously Brief E18.50
In stock:
Size S: white, royal blue, light blue, navy
Size M: light blue, navy
Size L: white
Size XL: white

Obviously Jockstrap/ Jock, E17.50
In stock:
Size S: black, royal blue
Size M: black, royal blue
Size L: --

Obviously String / Thong, E17.50
In stock:
Size S: royal blue, red
Size M: royal blue, red, white
Size L: red, white

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