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University Jammer 2012, E30.00
Long swimming pants till just above the knees. In Maroon and White.
White in stock in size L (waist 34-38"), Maroon in size M (30-34") but currently can't find the Maroon one...

Power G swim thong light blue, E22.00
Well shaped pouch. Single layer, so all contours are visible....
83% nylon and 17% spandex. Also great to use as underwear!
In stock in size M (waist 30-34")

Nike Hydro Towel, E27.50
It's not about the black competition swimming jammer, but about the blue Nike synthetic towel which is often used by swimmers and divers and actually usefull for every sportsman.
A regular towel takes hardly any more moisture when it once got wet thoroughly, even if wringed strongly. However this special multifunctional towel, made of a soft and strong absorbing fabric continues to dry your body and gives it a pleasant fresh feeling.
It can be stored in wet condition in the original hard plastic cilinder. When it is used regularly it's not necessary to wash it between two usages. Just a quick rinse under the shower is sufficient to keep it fresh. Because the cilinder doesn't fit through the letterbox opening, I already calculated the extra shipping costs for sending it as a small packet in the mentioned price. Still the normal shipping costs for "sportswear" are valid as listed on the "How can I order?" page.

Militairy Swim Thong / String White, E20.00
Whiter than white thong with militairy logo at the front. Nice smooth spandex fabric. The pouch has a 2nd layer inside, it's soft and takes care of a bit less pronouncing contours. If you want, you could carefully cut out this 2nd layer to make your contours better visible.
In stock in the following sizes:
Size S
(waist 28-30")
Size M
(waist 31-32")
Size L
(waist 33-34")
Size XL
(waist 35-37")

Slazenger swimming brief blue, E14.00
Comfortable, casual swimsuit with "lining" on the inside of the front.
82% nylon and 18% spandex.
In stock in the sizes S, M and XL and gone = gone!

Maverick, E28.00
With built-in cock-ring *Push Up effect* in White and Black.
In stock: White size L (34-38"), Black size L (34-38").

Titan Boxer, E34.00
With a hole through which "everything" has to be pulled out (cockring- and push-up-effect). "In case of emergency" the pouch can be unbuttoned at the waistband. In the colours Black, White and Green Metallic. Now also in tights cut! See page "Tights".
The Titan Boxer is in stock in Black size S (waist 26-30") and size L (34-38"). White size M (30-34") and size L (34-38").

How can I order?

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