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If you are in doubt about the size you need, then let me know your body length, weight, waist size and chest size (measured under your armpits) and I'll send you an advice.

Argos Oil - Shimano 1T4i Timetrial suit / Skinsuit / Speedsuit, E125.00
Made for the Japanese cyclist Beppu, therefore the red dot on the suit. This is a Pearl Izumi in size S.
The boy on the pictures is 1.78m/5'10" tall and weighs 64kg/140lbs, the skinsuit actually doesn't fit him, it really is too tight.
With a horizontal zipper above the crotch for a fast sanitairy stop and two pockets on the back for some food etc.
Only one suit available.

UCI Europe Tour Timetrial suit / Skinsuit / Speedsuit, E125.00
Nice white Santini suit in size M.
The boy on the pictures is 1.78m/5'10" tall and weighs 64kg/140lbs, the skinsuit fits him perfectly tight!
Only one suit available.

ARGOS Shimano Team 2013 Timetrial suit / Skinsuit / Speedsuit, E175.00(M) E100.00(S)
Very popular longsleeved cycling suit from the 2013 Argos Shimano Team.
Awesome thin and smooth spandex fabric that fits around your body like a 2nd skin.
Fits tight. The sporty model on the pictures 1.78m / 5'10" tall, 69kg / 152lbs with waist size 30 - 31", but relatively short legs.
Size L fits him perfectly tight as you can see on the pictures. For a timetrial it has to fit really tight...
With this knowledge I estimate that size M would be suitable for men, with normal body proportions, of 1.70m / 5'7" to 1.78m / 5'10" tall.
Available in size S and M. Gone = really gone!

TREK Livestrong Timetrial suit / Skinsuit / Speedsuit, E225.00
Super cool cycling suit, the pictures tell enough.
Nice thin and smooth lycra fabric that fits around your body like a 2nd skin.
The boy on the pictures is 1.89m (6'2"), 70kg (154lbs) and has a waist size of 31".
For an official timetrial, when these suits need to fit extremely tight, this suit is still just fitting on this body. But it's not really comfortable.
So a body of about 5cm/2" shorter would be the maximum if you want to have a comfortable fit.
Only ONE suit available, so react immediately if you like to add this suit to your collection.

RABOBANK World Champion Track Cycling Timetrial Skinsuit / Speedsuit, E250.00 (incl. registered shipment within Europe)
Unique cycling suit specially made for a Dutch World Champion track cycling. The UCI rainbow stripes tell you that this suit belongs to a World Champion.
Cyclists who have ever been World Champion on a certain distance can wear these rainbow stripes during future competitions.
Great thin lycra fabric that fits like a second skin around your body.
Because it is a custom made suit (but still unworn, except for the pictures), the size is not exactly comparable with a certain standard, but it will be between Medium and Large.
For your reference: the guy on the pictures is 1.81m (5'11") and 72kg (159lbs). Specially regarding the length of the suit there is still enough space.
Only ONE suit available, so be fast if you want to have this suit on your body.

AXA Valleirenners Skinsuit / Timetrial suit, E130.00
Eye-catching short sleeved skinsuit made by AGU with Nalini padding for cycling team AXA Valleirenners from Veenendaal, Holland.
Nice thin spandex fabric that fits around your body like a 2nd skin.
Still in stock in size M. Gone = Gone!
For your reference: Size S (sold out) fits perfectly well on a guy of 1.83m (6') and 67kg.

BioRacer USA Skinsuit / Time trial suit, E120.00
Great skinsuit, long sleeved from high quality brand BioRacer, made for the USA national team.
The guy on the pictures is 1.82m (6') tall and weighs 79kg (175lbs). The suit (size Medium) fits him well, but you can easily be some taller or heavier for a good fit.
Also available in size S.

Black Skinsuit / Timetrial suit, E65.00
Made of a nice thin spandex fabric with a CoolMax chamois.
The slim built, muscled model on the pix is 1.78m (5'10") tall and weighs 76kg. This skinsuit in size M has a perfect fit on his body.
Suited for well trained/muscled cyclists from approx 1.73m (5'8") till slender boys up to max. 1.85m (6'1").
Not in stock anymore, but can be ordered again, also in white and in other sizes.

USA National Team Cycling / Timetrial Skinsuit, E165.00
This was the official longsleeved skinsuit for the USA National Team of young professional cyclists until 23 yrs old.
Used during only one or a few timetrials, so in perfect condition, there are only a few small pinholes on the back.
Made of a very thin spandex fabric with padded seat (quite low) and elastic grippers on the legs.
Size M (about 1.75m-1.87m/5'9"-6'2")
Size L (about 1.83m-1.95m/6'-6'5") Last one

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